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And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

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Finally I am cool

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Genuine Turkish fez, a present from a housemate just back from holiday in that fine country. RAAAAAAH.
10th Aug 2010, 00:02   comments (8)

Tiny Hens

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4th Aug 2010, 21:21   comments (1)

Outdoor recording

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The massive gas canister windchimes Mat made hooked up to the Ciat-Lonbarde Cocostuber for manglins. "Best bits" can be heard

right there
3rd Aug 2010, 14:33   comments (1)

New Dalek Dollies

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2nd Jul 2010, 16:04   comments (2)

Hens, new and newer

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So our hens have been through the wringer somewhat over the past few weeks - One got ill and died, three replacement hens were bought taking us to seven. Then a fox killed two of the old ones, with another one being killed a week later. Substantial refencing and enhanced security measures have been put into place and today two more hens were got. They is tiny tiny Pekin Bantams and are very cute indeed. The old-new hens don't seem to be behaving as bitchily towards them as the old-old hens behaved towards them, which is good. Black hen is the only surviving old-old hen, which really doesn't surprise me. In fact I'm fairly sure that she's an avatar of the hen goddess, such is the force of personality she projects.
18th May 2010, 15:40   comments (5)

Sidrassi Organ

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Hand built electronic awesomeness created by a man who may well be a wizard.
Find out more about it here

hear me plonking away on it here

9th Mar 2010, 14:25   comments (2)


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1st Feb 2010, 16:36   comments (1)


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19th Dec 2009, 13:52   comments (3)