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Prettiest kitty

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Norm brought War on Terror boardgame over with him this weekend after seeing
it on Alfie's blog. Can confirm that it's a whole tonne of fun, basically
risk with revenue streams, status effects and the random factor of the
terrorists acting as extra resources for whoever. In the end we did actually
beat terrorism, which is nice. Turns out all you need to do is have played
the game for hours and really want to go to bed, and then gang up on the guy
who'd gone terrorist earlier. It ended with North America and Africa as
mostly nuclear wastelands, apart from Cuba which was the strongest economy
in the northern hemisphere apart from Libya, which was undergoing a
resurgence after the hard years. South of the equator the australo-chinese
bloc remained firm and looked forward to a strong future with it's
Antarctican neighbours.
4th Feb 2007, 17:35   comments (10)

"kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day"

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The Onion was right! About half an hour after I posted the last pic I walked
outside to find him with his latest booty. Don't worry, the rabbit was dead
by this point. It was kind of hilarious and sickening at the same time, the
way he played with it's corpse with such relish.
3rd Feb 2007, 15:00   | tags:comments (13)

Warning! Contains extreme weasel dismemberment. Not for the easily squeamed.

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So while I was at work yesterday Elvis apparantly returned home at lunchtime
with blood all over his front. He was fine, he came in, lay on the floor and
purred contentedly. One thing was clear: Something had died recently. We
just found a weasel with, as you can see and apologies to those of a more
gentle disposition, one of it's legs eaten off. A discriminating gourmet, is
our Elvis.
3rd Feb 2007, 12:58   | tags:,,comments (14)


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How tiny is that controller? Wowsers!
27th Jan 2007, 14:20   comments (19)

"I used to be able to fit behind here"

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No longer, fatboy
21st Jan 2007, 13:12   | tags:comments (31)


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So with the terrible local band Koopa entering the top 40 last week it looks
like my long term plan of getting myself a hit single has taken a step
closer. Inspired by both nature and boredom produced by being ill I went out
into the garden just now and created some Art. Next step; find a chart
elligible online store to sell it, step after that, get you all to buy it,
step after that is bask in the glory of having got the most genuinely
terrible piece of non-music in the official, actual, proper charts.

Live the dream, people!

Send word to the "blog-o-sphere" as this is just the
sort of lame shit they get off on!

(by the way, there are some elements of my song that could be considered not safe for work. Just sayin'.)
18th Jan 2007, 17:08   | tags:,comments (24)

Weatherpocalypse Now!

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Winds like whoa just took out one of the long term residents of Thickthorn.
18th Jan 2007, 13:52   comments (11)