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parkingblog: extreme!

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Work sent us to the NEC today, the car park was max full: So we made our own
14th Dec 2005, 19:56   comments (3)

apparantly comfortable

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10th Dec 2005, 18:07   | tags:comments (3)

my soppy little pussy

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So I get home from work and someone decides that he wants huggles, with no
signs of shifting. Gonna have to, housework needs doing
7th Dec 2005, 18:21   | tags:comments (862)

ATP reducks: A random roundup

1. Yes I missed my cat, like some kind of a wuss.
2. Smoke it you fuck!
3. Afternoon tries to ignore me.
4. Random cute girls on a duck!
5. Dude! It's like, glowing and shit?
6. Acid Mothers Temple fans, insanocore Japanese guys dancing to TOTAL SILENCE after the masters of rock came offstage.
7. Norm & Ruth just before AMT hit. Little did we know.
5th Dec 2005, 13:39   comments (1)

ATP reducks: Damo!

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Another legendary presence was Damo Suzuki. Used to be the singer with My
Bestest Band Ever, Can. Someone who never gave up the hippy dream, he's
currently on his Never Ending Tour, turning up at places, asking for a band,
rocking the heck out. Truly he kicked out the jams yesterday, far better
than I was expecting despite my fanboy love for him. Better yet, he turned
up with the inCREDible Acid Mothers Temple when they closed the festival
later and... Wow, just wow. Absolutely amazing they were.

Has to be said it was a very strange line-up, and very strangely sequenced.
There seemed to be an awful lot of absolute shit, lots of trying too hard
arty WANK (Hello Diamanda Galas, Hello Lydia Lunch, Hello CocoRosie) which
is, quite frankly, the sort of music you buy if you want to impress some goth
chick with how deep you are, but you never listen to it more than once
because it's just SHIT. Blah blah blah confronting blah blah blah outsider powerful presence ARSEWANK. How about confronting a tune occasionally?

I mean, christ, do people actually like the Mars Volta? Gah. No wonder there were so many people wondering around with scary big scars on their arms. What YOU need is some GABBA.

And Antony & The Johnsons... Whoever thought that would be a good band to have at the climax to the weekend... Whoever thought they would be a good band to have on at all... No, no, no.

But Damo made everything OK again. Ahhh, lovely Damo.
5th Dec 2005, 13:35   comments (2)

ATP reducks: the Neu! sounds of Michael Rother

(viewed 1765 times)
Definitely one of the highlights was the presence of so many legendary Krautrockers. Michael Rother was the mastermind of super-divine band Neu! who you need in your life like oxygen. Getting the chance to hear him do his hypno-motorik thing was definitely a highlight. The sound recording gives a vague hint as to how good it was. Need bootlegs, now.
5th Dec 2005, 13:19   comments (0)

ATP reducks: Lots of tiny photos of indistinguishable people on a faraway stage!

Er, I think the top two are of 400 Blows who ROCKED, and didn't even let the fire alarm and evacuation of the venue stop them ROCKING HARD. Middle, glowing alarmingly is Mr Quintron. Unseen is his charming compatriot Miss Pussycat, who played the maracas and shouted. Mr Quintron is incredibly rock and roll and I would heartily reccomend them to anybody. I think the bottom two were of the Mars Volta, who were terrible but seeing as it was all about them we thought it would be rude not to give them a try.

We gave them five minutes, they blew, we went and had tea instead.
5th Dec 2005, 13:16   comments (4)

ATP reducks: Welcome to Camber. No seriously, you are welcome to Camber

(viewed 1868 times)
Pontins in the off season! Horizontal rain!OK, so there were patches of sun, and the beach was alright.
5th Dec 2005, 13:13   comments (0)