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Colliding Bishop, cuddle my brain!

And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

The Compleat Elvis

Hypothetical: Like a virtual pub!

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fire! works!

(viewed 2483 times)
Elvis was gloriously unconcerned by all the loud noises...
5th Nov 2005, 23:05   | tags:,comments (7)

the big kahuna

(viewed 2510 times)
5th Nov 2005, 17:54   | tags:comments (5)

burnination preparation (and a Geordie's arse)

(viewed 3341 times)
The bonfire's now doubled in size, but the light's too bad. Shame it wasn't
worse when Adrian decided to show us the whole of the moon

inside the mind of bez

(viewed 1484 times)
one of a series.
4th Nov 2005, 09:05   | tags:comments (0)

holy crap my cat!

(viewed 3510 times)
3rd Nov 2005, 22:10   | tags:comments (14)

the solution

(viewed 1493 times)
you heard it here first!
3rd Nov 2005, 00:49   | tags:comments (3)


(viewed 1817 times)
The internet totally spoilt season one of Lost for me so the least it can do
is let me watch season 2 as soon as it airs in America. It's well good, as
I'm sure others will be able to attest to. In episode 4 hot hot Evangeline
Lilly gets out of a shower and you can see her legs and her upper chest!
It's not as good as when she got her knickers out a couple of weeks ago on
channel 4, but even still. Thanks Mr Logie Baird for making such things

Oh, and loads of other really cool stuff has happened too.
3rd Nov 2005, 00:30   | tags:comments (9)

something something

(viewed 1525 times)
no clue.
2nd Nov 2005, 22:12   | tags:comments (5)