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When Lemmy met Olly

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hilarity ensues!
8th Feb 2009, 18:25   | tags:comments (4)

almost certainly

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5th Feb 2009, 16:30   comments (10)

A new level of pointless gadgetry: The Buddha Machine

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The final Christmas present of last year rolls in, in the form of the Buddha Machine, which is made by a Chinese ambient/electronic duo called FM3. It's basically a small box with a tiny, tinny speaker which plays one of 9 short ambient loops, continuously, until the batteries run out or you turn it off. It's marvellously pleasing in it's pointlessness, allowing you to create an instant Boards of Canada/Brian Eno aura wherever you go. It's also less than £15 from Amazon, which seems like something of a bargain even for something as utterly utterly utterly pointless as this.

More info hyar
16th Jan 2009, 16:33   comments (3)

useful water saving tips

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A hen will be only too glad to eat any rice accidentally left in a sink
4th Jan 2009, 12:54   comments (7)

nodgegraff 09

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2nd Jan 2009, 00:28   comments (0)

taste the hoop

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yeah...for some reason, I'm not thirsty.
2nd Dec 2008, 00:31   comments (0)


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semi-regular guest star in the garden Birdfoodateria, this dude is awesome.

lol, wood
lol, pecker
26th Nov 2008, 13:00   comments (5)

motion towards

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7th Nov 2008, 17:46   comments (2)