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29th Apr 2005, 22:59   comments (0)

the greening of thickthorn

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This totally kickass piece of soil is the land that's been left over from the buidling of the park and ride. It belongs to our landlord and seeing as they have no plans for it they've given us permission to make it pretty. We've been spilling our seed on the dusty soil for a few weeks now, and there is a definite fuzz of greenery starting to develop. Hopefully in a few months time it'll be bustling with grass and flowers.

We're also considering building something as a landmark. Mooted possibilities include a monolith, a 20-ft statue of Robox (robox of the east anyone? Possibly not so close to the pylons) and, most likely, Thickhenge, complete with fiendish astronomical alignments.
29th Apr 2005, 18:24   comments (5)

bored at work?

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not this soldier; much.
25th Apr 2005, 20:21   | tags:,comments (7)

meeting of cyberminds

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23rd Apr 2005, 18:31   comments (2)

a brighter tomorrow

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23rd Apr 2005, 15:49   comments (1)

balls! redux

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redux to monorchid state
23rd Apr 2005, 15:46   comments (1)

my first video post

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Robosapiens gets his groove on to Kid 606
23rd Apr 2005, 15:38   comments (2)


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Norm brought Japanese sweets! Yum!
23rd Apr 2005, 00:56   | tags:comments (0)