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Colliding Bishop, cuddle my brain!

And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

The Compleat Elvis

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2nd Nov 2008, 19:56   | tags:,,comments (2)

chuff chuff chuff

(viewed 1423 times)
This pump used to make Tower Bridge go up and down. Now it lives in Norfolk.
2nd Nov 2008, 17:53   comments (0)

hopping on the batwagon

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It's a pretty useful way of learning how my newish camera actually works,
although it was pretty hit and miss and these shots were only good through
basic good luck rather than skill on my part.
18th Oct 2008, 22:37   comments (2)


(viewed 1764 times)
8th Oct 2008, 13:03   comments (6)

hen puddle

(viewed 2130 times)
1st Oct 2008, 12:03   comments (1)

I'm in yr Wymondhamz, steelin ur babiez

(viewed 1454 times)
NOT MINE. Martwine & Lisa's little boy Oliver finds himself disappointed at the realisation that my tits are not fitted with milk.
28th Sep 2008, 18:25   comments (2)

angerhen shoulder training

(viewed 2010 times)
three seconds later I got righteously pecked in the eye. I deserved it. Look at those feathers, she is livid. (this is the one who's broody so I have to keep hoiking her out of the roost in a vain attempt to stop the crazy bitch. Bitch be crazy, heed my words)
28th Aug 2008, 19:30   comments (13)


(viewed 2366 times)
26th Aug 2008, 20:29   | tags:,comments (1)