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Colliding Bishop, cuddle my brain!

And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

The Compleat Elvis

Hypothetical: Like a virtual pub!

Readalonga Rich
Nowish: Voodoo Histories by David Aaronovitch

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Beefy goodness! Amazingly none of the girls in the office wanted my hard leathery beef anywhere near their mouths.
18th Feb 2005, 14:05   comments (1)


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16th Feb 2005, 07:32   comments (2)


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12th Feb 2005, 02:26   comments (0)

boooooooy racerrrrrrrr!

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too dark to see the spoiler properly...shame
11th Feb 2005, 01:33   comments (1)

it's not, y'know

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10th Feb 2005, 16:58   comments (3)

work sucks

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Look in wonder at my dapper headpiece! See what lengths I am forced to to stave off braindeath!
9th Feb 2005, 16:57   comments (4)

Arf! 2

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7th Feb 2005, 17:57   comments (0)


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This will never not be fanny. Sorry, funny. Fnuny.
7th Feb 2005, 17:54   comments (1)