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yr camera strap...

(viewed 2152 times)
...I can has it...
23rd Jul 2008, 15:57   | tags:comments (5)

Rabbarazzi shots

(viewed 1454 times)
Testing out the zoom lens on my new toy. We initially thought the prone one
was dead, but they were all just sunbathing. Bless.
10th Jul 2008, 16:09   comments (4)

new camera

(viewed 1511 times)
I bought a new camera for myself on Monday, giving me a resolution far in excess of what I used to be capable of. Speckledy remains unimpressed.
9th Jul 2008, 10:06   comments (4)


huge beasties chilling near the pond. And a tiny beasty too.
4th Jul 2008, 14:59   comments (7)

standard feline image capture mode

(viewed 2188 times)
23rd Jun 2008, 16:27   | tags:,comments (9)


(viewed 1448 times)
New public art thing in Norwich means there's loads of elephants around
town, mostly quite badly painted. Still, it's a nice thing.
23rd Jun 2008, 16:05   comments (7)

true geekcore awesomeness

(viewed 1795 times)
so this is exciting (for me). Pictured here is a shiny new copy of a book
written originally for the range of Doctor Who books published between 1991
and 2005 (first by Virgin, taken over by the BBC after that terrible Paul
McGann TV movie). It was eventually rejected by them for being entirely off
its nut.
The author then put out a limited edition in support of a local charity,
and has now sorted out a new edition after seeing the prices the original go
for on Ebay. Really looking forward to reading this as these books were/are
really special to me. Not just your average TV tie-ins, the fact that the
parent show was to all intents and purposes dead gave them the freedom to
stretch the concepts of the show to the limits. And boy oh boy, did they. And when I say they, I mean the fans, given that they had an open submission policy for most of the time. I have deep wells of nerdy love for these books, so getting a new book in the same style it just awesome
18th Jun 2008, 15:36   comments (37)

next doors cat investigates...

(viewed 1966 times)
Elvis's special friend Oscar puts his head further through the window than
ever before...
17th Jun 2008, 11:51   | tags:comments (6)