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such as drunk people

(viewed 15282 times)
On the Northern Line platform, London
22nd Apr 2008, 19:26   comments (0)

up close and personal with the tardis

(viewed 720 times)
Had a meeting with the Beeb today, and couldn't resist snapping the Tardis!
28th Mar 2008, 18:49   comments (1)

my special purpose

(viewed 621 times)
Remember Steve Martin's 'special purpose' in 'The Jerk'? I shudder to think what this lift would do to me should I have the key...
13th Mar 2008, 19:46   comments (0)

richard pryor stencil art

(viewed 1138 times)
On the door of a clothes shop in Brighton
1st Mar 2008, 17:10   comments (4)


(viewed 743 times)
Massive fake sweets making up a window display of - a sweet shop, in Brighton.
1st Mar 2008, 17:08   comments (1)

B Right On

(viewed 491 times)
Brighton in the winter sun
1st Mar 2008, 17:06   comments (0)

Thailand skysurfer

(viewed 505 times)
Sadly not me in the pic. If you look closely you can see the Thai 'steerer' is sitting 'on' the tourist - legs wrapped around, making it look like an ant of insect.
1st Mar 2008, 17:02   comments (0)

London at dusk

(viewed 585 times)
1st Mar 2008, 16:51   comments (2)