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I made an optical illusion

I don't think it worked
14th Nov 2004, 22:29   comments (1)

One week later

6th Nov 2004, 20:18   comments (2)

I dropped the iron on my arm...

30th Oct 2004, 16:50   comments (13)

There's no place like home...

My new shoes
21st Oct 2004, 14:09   comments (2)

A cow on a spacehopper!

My new T-shirt and it says 'Mooo age travellers'
It doesn't get much better than Cows on Spacehoppers
2nd Oct 2004, 23:00   comments (1)

For no other reason...

(viewed 922 times)

Than the fact that It's Brian Blessed as a cat.
This is what I was watching last night
19th Sep 2004, 10:42   comments (1)

I fell through the Celing

(viewed 929 times)

4th Sep 2004, 18:17   comments (10)

They shaved my dog!

(viewed 880 times)

we took him to get groomed and they just shaved him!
23rd Aug 2004, 14:22   comments (4)