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Hi! I'm a 24 year old living in Reading. I want to be a speech Therpaist and start my training in September. Untill then I am temping at the Pru. How fabulous! My pictures will rarely be anything of artistic merit, more a day to day record of me. Enjoy!

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Pretty Flowers

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Bought these off the flower man on Reading high street. They cost £2.99 and I'm well pleased cos they is lovely! 3 different colours.. light pink, dark pink and pink stripey. Yay!
23rd Sep 2006, 12:58   comments (7)


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We went to Milton Keynes to see Robbie last night and it was awesome! It took us 4 hours to get there from Newbury, mainly cos we missed a roundabout and ended up in Aylesbury but never mind, we got there in time to see him and we found our friends, amazingly. We were way back from the stage (which was enormous) but we could see a very small Robbie and had a decent enough view of the screen. He sang loads of fab songs including Back for Good which made Katy cry! There were fireworks and everything!What a fabulous night. so tired now. We bought our tickets a year ago but it was so worth it. The 7 hours in the car were worth it. Woo! Pictures at a fabulous pink stafe and all the lights during Angels (which also made Katy cry)
16th Sep 2006, 10:54   comments (2)

Little Pink Cakes

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I made cake! And they are pink with pink icing and pink sugar decorations. Shame I forgot the baking powder but they taste ok, just a little bit flat!
10th Sep 2006, 15:07   comments (1)

art work

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About a year ago I took a picture of a stupidly overcrowded train from Reading to Birmingham. Next thing I know I'm getting an eamil from someone called Enda O'Donoghue, asking if he can use my picture in a piecr of art he was creating. I said yes and now he has sent me a copy of the finished piece. Pretty cool I think you'll agree.

He has asked I include his website in this post which is
Original photo is here:
6th Sep 2006, 11:58   comments (7)

My New Toy

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Cue soup and curry paste and fun stuff!
1st Sep 2006, 16:15   comments (4)

reading roundup

So, it's all over for another year. Reading was fab this year, really great bands although once again I feel bad I didn't spend more time in the tents watching smaller bands. To be honest though, there wasn't much chance of getting into the tents seeing as Meanfiddler sold 20000 extra tickets without increasing the size of the arena. dumbass! It was way to crowded this year. It's meant to all chilled out, watch some music, see your mates, not fight your way from tent to arean to shops. anyhoo

Pictures are:
Arctic Monkeys on the Saturday night - Simply fabulous. Not much interaction with the crowd but possibly a bit overwhelmed seeing as last year they are on the Carling stage without even an album out yet. Enjoyment slightly spoilt by the second barrier. While a good idea in concept, there was no control over the number of people allowed in the front area and it was absolutely rammed. we were right at the back of the area and there was nowhere to move, no space to dance. Also, people trying to get out were going backwards and had nowhere to go. A bit scary.

Dirty Pretty Things on the Saturday afternoon - Also great. Had a good little boogie. Love the album and they were great live. Good to see at least something good has come out of the Libertines, Woot!

Feeder on Saturday afternoon - Yay! Started off a little slow, possibly cos I don't know many of their songs but they finished up with Buck Rogers and the other well know ones so a happy dance was done by all.

America.. Fuck Yeah - Seemed to be a theme of the weekend. They showed Team America on the Saturday night although I was asleep by then!

Horse on a Stick - Lots of animals on sticks including monkeys, sheep and this horse.

Muse - Definately the highlight of the whole weekend. I don't think I've ever seen a show like it. Breathtaking! Matt Bellamy is a genius. His trousers must be at least 2 sizes too small for him! Not only does he sing, he plays guitar and the piano, is tasty and must be fabulously rich so is obviously gay! So unfair! LOL. Would love to see them again. The works.. fireworks and moving screens. Brilliant idea to put the chorus words on the screens!

So... to buy tickets for next yeah? Probably! Woo!
29th Aug 2006, 21:38   comments (0)


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Wow. simply amazing. played new songs in between all the old ones, amazing way with the crowd, it rained, we didn't care! just fabulous!
26th Aug 2006, 10:50   comments (1)

Karen O... On something?

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so the Yeah Year Yeahs... mental. She was wearing a bright green lizard costume. Bit disappointed here also due to basically just screeching the songs!
26th Aug 2006, 10:48   comments (0)