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Hi! I'm a 24 year old living in Reading. I want to be a speech Therpaist and start my training in September. Untill then I am temping at the Pru. How fabulous! My pictures will rarely be anything of artistic merit, more a day to day record of me. Enjoy!

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One of the guys had fire poi. so cool, I need to practice loads!
3rd Jul 2006, 18:48   comments (1)


Went to London for big party. Theme was bin bags which meant so fabulous creations!

1. Jen
2. Laura
3. Sarah
4. Zippy
5. Shiv dancing
6. Shiv, me and Simon
3rd Jul 2006, 18:43   comments (3)

Manchester Night Out

Here is:

1. funky blue glass
2. Jenny and Laura
3. drunk people
4. Vic and Anna
5. Drunk chav girl attempting kareoke
6. Drunk Lorna
3rd Jul 2006, 18:36   comments (0)


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Went to Manchester with Princess Anna and had a fab time with Vic and Lorna and Jen and everyone else! Here is Dan and Anna and Vic in a pile, and the perfect road name!
3rd Jul 2006, 18:35   comments (0)

I made my own pasta!

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This isn't a very good picture. I've borrowed my dad's pasta machine which he never uses but insists he wants back! Had fun on Tuesday kneading the dough and pretending it was estate agents! some of it stuck together and I got big lumps, think it was a bit wet but for a first attempt, very yummy. Going to make a fancy one next, maybe lemon and pepper or choclate!
30th Jun 2006, 08:34   comments (1)


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My little brother just got his degree results. He got a 2.1 which is most fabulous!
23rd Jun 2006, 18:10   comments (3)

Look what I found!

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Wild strawberries in my garden! They are v yummy if a little small! How fab!
15th Jun 2006, 16:42   comments (2)

Pink Roses!

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These are my favourites, right by my front door, very dark pink. Think will pillage it and fill the house with them later!
15th Jun 2006, 16:41   comments (0)