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Hi! I'm a 24 year old living in Reading. I want to be a speech Therpaist and start my training in September. Untill then I am temping at the Pru. How fabulous! My pictures will rarely be anything of artistic merit, more a day to day record of me. Enjoy!

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Well this was so yummy! We took a gamble, what with it being Mother's day and went to find Sunday lunch in a pub. Turns out it was a serve yourself carvery, cue mental plates of delicious food. Must go back.
Pictures are
1) a vat of gravy!
2) serve yourself everything!
3) way to much food!
4) Princess Vic enjoying her food!
29th Mar 2006, 21:31   comments (0)

Comfy Cat

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But not very ladylike!
29th Mar 2006, 21:17   comments (2)

Pink limo!

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I so want a go in this. how cool?
28th Mar 2006, 09:02   comments (10)

Joined up departments?

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I moved house 2 months ago and was told I got a refund for the council tax. Forms duly filled in. Still waiting for the cash! But then today I get a final reminder that I owe them over £100! I haven't even had a first reminder, unless they count the letter where they said they owe me money! Grrr!
25th Mar 2006, 12:31   comments (5)

The secret ingredient

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yes, there is a teaspoon and a half of chili powder in those chocolate babies and man are they good. I've never done chili and chocolate before but I've heard of it so thought I'd give it a go. You can't actually taste it, only feel it and it's not hot, just a little bit warm and it makes the chocolate feel different. Yummy!
24th Mar 2006, 08:37   comments (4)


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I made chocolate thingies! They are yummy! Guess the secret ingredient!
23rd Mar 2006, 18:57   | tags:,,comments (7)


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The things you find in your car. today I found half a box of shortbread under my passenger seat. I don't remember ever eating shortbread in the car. Think it might be time to clean up!
20th Mar 2006, 21:10   | tags:,,comments (1)

Andy's Birthday

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My baby brother was 22 last week. We went up to see him in Brummie land and went to a South American place, Las Iguanas! yummy yummy yummy! I had prawns and yummy curry. Andy had that disgusting pile of onions at the bottom!
20th Mar 2006, 21:06   | tags:,,,comments (0)