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Hi! I'm a 24 year old living in Reading. I want to be a speech Therpaist and start my training in September. Untill then I am temping at the Pru. How fabulous! My pictures will rarely be anything of artistic merit, more a day to day record of me. Enjoy!

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Big Dave's Birthday

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We went to London to celebrate.... started off at Yo! in Paddington and had fun sushi! pictures are
1) Dave's funky eggs in cucumber type thingy
2) Dave's plate of strange and unusual sushi type stuff
3) teeny little bowl... now property of Dave!
4) Glutinous Rice Cakes... surprisingly yummy!
28th Jan 2006, 12:27   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

Sushi again!

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I made Sushi again and a whole bunch of tempura too... went all out with the prawns and everything but had a bit of a play first.

Here is
1) Independence Day Prawn
2) Prawn's brain!
3) Finished product.... Tuna and avocado roll, tuna sashimi and prawn tempura!

Moving house.... again!

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Well, once again I have to pack all my stuff and put it in the car. Luckily this time I'm only going across town so I can make more than one trip! Pictures are of my wall which I covered in postcards of places I've been or where my friends have been or events and tickets and wristbands and pretty much anything vaguely flat! Trouble is, all those tiny pieces of bluetak leave quite a mess! Ooops! may stick them all to newspaper next time! And had an accident with a big bit of bluetak!


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gorgeous sunrise onthe way to work the other day... was naughty and took them from the car. The sun was HUGE and bright orange!
28th Jan 2006, 12:04   comments (0)


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Was feeling down so Phill made me cookies! mmmmmmm
28th Jan 2006, 12:01   | tags:,comments (0)


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have you ever tried to climb into a clothing recycling bin?
28th Jan 2006, 11:59   comments (0)

House Cooling Party

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Got to move out next week so we had a house cooling party to comiserate! Here is me (drunk? never!),
Loopy Lorna looking Sexy!,
Disturbing contortion!
leaning can
23rd Jan 2006, 21:41   comments (0)

Prawn Crackers

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I made prawn crackers. They look like plastic before but you put them in oil and they look like a timelapse flower opening! so cool! and so yummy =)
23rd Jan 2006, 21:35   comments (1)