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Hi! I'm a 24 year old living in Reading. I want to be a speech Therpaist and start my training in September. Untill then I am temping at the Pru. How fabulous! My pictures will rarely be anything of artistic merit, more a day to day record of me. Enjoy!

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My new uni?? part 2

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Newcastle University. This is the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences. If I go to uni here, it will be my department. In the 70's, when my parents were here, this was the medical school. My mother's department. It was very strange to think that when my mum was my age, she was going up and down the same stairs I was 30 years later. Thankfully she waited till after I'd left the building to inform me that the top floor (where the interviews were held) used to be the anatomy department. Where there were alwaysabout 50 dead people to practice on. Nice!
19th Jan 2007, 16:42   comments (2)

My new uni??

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Had my interview at UCL on Tuesday. I think it went ok. Well, apart from stupidly following the map they sent out with the letter. Which directed me (and everyone else, thankfully!) to the wrong building. Cue turning up at a building site. Cue walking fairly quickly to the otherside of the UCL campus, with another interviewee who had turned up while I was still trying to work out where to go. Got there in time though and after that, all went weel. My individual interview seemed to go very well but who can tell?After the interview, was straight onto a train to Newcastle for another interview on Wednesday. That also went well except I had to do a small presentation and I was really nervous and garbled a bit. Other people said I did fine though. Now I have to think about what I want to do (if I get into both and actually have a choice, that is). If I get into UCL I get to stay in Reading where my rent is low. I will have to commute to London which will cost a lot. The course is fab. Placements could be anywhere in London. If I get into Newcastle it will mean moving to Newcastle which is not a popluar idea with Phill. Newcaslte is lovely, the course seems good, the placements will be within the university or nearby, my parents met there (which is wierd!). What do I do?! Commute or move?!
19th Jan 2007, 16:38   comments (3)

Red cabbage brain

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16th Jan 2007, 20:50   comments (0)

Bechemel sauce does not refrigerate well!

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I made mushroom, spinach and butternut squash lasagne. It was yummy. Unfortunately I thought I would be clever and make all the bits before going swimming so I could just fling it together when I got in. All fine apart from that the sauce turned into a big mushroomy bechemel lump. Ah well, It tasted good! And it was only crispy around the edges...


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Well, Phill and I are moving again. This time in with his brother and sister in law (and Alice - yay!). It's fab as it will save us a whole bunch of rent. We get our own little living room, know as the shed as it is out in the garden. It's very cute and yesterday we built our new shelves from Ikea. They are lovely! Now back to packing everything I own into boxes. again!
9th Jan 2007, 11:31   | tags:,,,comments (7)


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Woohoo! I'm going to University in September! City have offered me a place. It will mean one hell of a commute but I don't care! *does a little dance*
8th Jan 2007, 12:38   | tags:,,comments (10)

Happy New Year!

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Hope 2007 is good to you all!
1st Jan 2007, 09:42   comments (5)

Christmas Dinner!

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As we went to the Crandparents for Christmas dinner, I had my parents around last night for some turkey action. I'm off this week so I spent the whole day cooking which was fab! I made fennel and cauliflower soup which was yum and then proper Christmas dinner with everything, including homemade cranberry sauce.