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Sony Ericsson S700i

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Sony Ericsson S700i camera phone review

(viewed 5328 times)
18th Oct 2004, 23:37   comments (9)

Low light..

(viewed 3086 times)
This is not the original image to which the comments refer, sadly.
18th Oct 2004, 23:16   comments (6)


(viewed 3834 times)
the horizontal bright line here is the ccd overloading a little, but I
rather like that effect..
7th Oct 2004, 19:16   comments (5)

spot metering, part deux

(viewed 4055 times)
first shot exposed for highlights (metered off the bright spots on the
walls), second spot metered for shadows.

7th Oct 2004, 19:13   comments (14)

improved metering

(viewed 2855 times)
Now here is where this phone really excels - spot photometery. Basically, this means that the light level is measured from a point in the centre of the image rather than as an average of the whole scene. This allows backlighting to be compensated for, and exposure influenced for better effects. The first shot here, looking up, towards the sun into a holly bush uses standard area metering. The second shot was taken in spot metering mode, metering off the bunch of berries in the centre of the shot - the improvement is pretty clear...

I've got a couple more examples of this great feature, they'll be along shortly.
7th Oct 2004, 19:06   comments (3)

negative effect

(viewed 17546 times)

7th Oct 2004, 19:01   comments (0)

Sepia tone effect

(viewed 4900 times)

6th Oct 2004, 00:24   comments (5)

Zoom! All 8x of it.

(viewed 3030 times)

5th Oct 2004, 23:17   comments (7)
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