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Sony Ericsson S700i

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Sharp and bright, in the main. Lighting was non-ideal, shop strip
lights are never too kind.

5th Oct 2004, 22:54   comments (0)


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5th Oct 2004, 22:22   comments (0)

The sun shot..

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Well, that's pretty impressive - that was full-on bright sun this afternoon. I dig the ccd overloading lines, and no black hole effect either. More about this camera's light metering later, there's some seriously cool stuff to come...
5th Oct 2004, 22:15   comments (0)

first photo..

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Wheee-ooo! The much awaited S700i, Sony Ericsson's first megapixel (1.3
of them, no less) cameraphone. More accurately, it's a media phone -
still image, video, and audio recording; mp3 playback and built in radio.

The first thing you notice is the massive screen, and how bright and
clear it is. The K700 was good, this is great - I want to watch films
on it (and I can, if I want to). Then the blue-lit buttons, and the
solid-yet-smooth action of the swivel. At first I thought a slide
action would have been nicer, but after a little use, I really dig the
swivel. You barely need to use it, as most of the handset's functions
can be used with just the front keys alone.

The usual excellent SE interface hasn't changed, just been polished up a
bit more. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. What they have fixed is the
'dual front' concept - the camera side looks like a Sony Cybershot,
complete with sliding lens cover (at last!), and the phone side looks
like an Ericsson phone; unless you're in camera mode, in which case it
rotates 90° to become the camera's back. The system works perfectly
- I was very surprised when my camera suddenly started blasting hardcore
drum and bass during a photo (mp3 ringtones baby, yeah!)

Right, more on the features later, time to see some photos from the
rather tasty camera on this little beauty. Don't forget that you can
click the link below each image to see it's full-size version.
5th Oct 2004, 21:33   comments (11)
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