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Glow in the dark

(viewed 2194 times)
Gotta admit, we were pretty impressed when this happened. We just thought it was a colourful panel. Kudos to Google. People had different smileys too.

Posted by jc1000000

Dunk the Google Guy!

(viewed 1466 times)
I was *just* about to give up filming...

Posted by jc1000000

Running man!

(viewed 1395 times)
Shame about the light - Mary's was demoing all the classic dancesteps - and sorry for making that crick in your neck... (anyone know how to rotate videos?)

Posted by jc1000000

Google Party 2008 - Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark was the theme, glow in the dark was the result! Well fun.

Pics of lots of random people - though that is Tim Ash from sitetuners in the top shot. Looking, erm... great!

But his presentation on landing page optimisation, earlier that day was absolutely brilliant so had to get a pic like the SEO fanboy that i am :)

Posted by jc1000000

Stone Temple Consulting

(viewed 1296 times)
Knoww how to get people to hang out at their stand. Genius!

Eric Enge whips SES team's (Rebecca Holz & Kevin Newcomb) asses at Foosball... but whaddaya expect? He's a pro... no, no, he really is actually.

Gotta say tho Kevin and Rebecca are black horses at this game - they gave Eric a challenge. And then promptly whipped me and Neal.

ps. sorry for half out of focus - my phone camera seems to be busted.

Posted by jc1000000

What's hot at SES 2008

(viewed 1272 times)
What's gonna be the big thing in search engine marketing for 2008/09?

Posted by jc1000000

Our venerable organisers

(viewed 2820 times)
Pub powered by LondonSEO & SEO chicks

Drinks powered by Ayima & Red Fly Marketing.

The dark lord

(viewed 2369 times)
See how the camera is misty & blurred in the top one? That's no coincidence.
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