I can see the stars from here...

by Salome

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Looky here. This is what happens after we stick the furniture to the ceiling

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We was in France

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We shot video, not stills and there will be a lickle movie in a bit. So
just a few indoor stills...
10th Sep 2007, 18:14   comments (0)

For Mat and HypeCharlie

(viewed 803 times)
A double tall skinny no whip cinnamon latte. Please.
27th Aug 2007, 20:38   comments (5)

OMG1! Performance Art!

I was actually crying with laughter.
The photies aren't great, but the story is...

1. Lovely wedding pics in the university quad. Delightful.

2.Oh, but who's this? Did we invite people in body paint?

3. OMG!! Performance art!

4. The bride and groom moved in to the cloisters. So did the actors

5. I think she was actually in tears as the photographer tried to
negotiate a space

6. They win! Yay!

We were there for the performacnce art which was actually really great,
and definitely enhanced by the juxtaposition. And had really good music.
16th Jun 2007, 19:49   comments (3)

Don't Leave Me This Way

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She knows if one of us is packing...
13th Jun 2007, 23:28   comments (2)

destabilised hammock! abort! abort!

(viewed 834 times)
but she looooves him...

any jokes about hammockery will be treated with the contempt they deserve,
and then giggled at.
2nd Jun 2007, 18:15   comments (2)

What the hell is this about?

(viewed 809 times)
Deckchairs? In argyle st? For no apparent reason?
What is going on?
31st May 2007, 22:00   comments (1)

No, you have best room in the hotel...

(viewed 869 times)
What do you mean, 'a bit shonky'?
31st May 2007, 21:59   comments (1)

Junkie crack whore

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They BEG for blood and then when I go to donate they are'nt sure if my
blood is good enough so they take blood for an iron test and look at my
fricking arm!Everyone at work is calling me a junkie crack whore.
13th Apr 2007, 20:23   comments (3)