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Starting with a trip to Edinburgh...

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Falling down

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Andrew maxwell s show about performing in front of irish republicans and another in front of british loyalists was a fantastic hour. He is mr twinkly charm personified and can get away with saying pretty much anything. . 8 out of 10
The downside to so much rain is that taxis can be impossible to find. So when i saw one in the distance late on a rainy night when a friend needed to get across town i pegged it before it was hailed. In so doing i least cross some telecom cables left near a kerb. Or at least tried to. . . . Ouch. . Ouch. . Ouch
13th Aug 2008, 10:03   comments (0)

No country for grown men

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Some people cant hack the pace!

Yesterday we caught reg d hunter at a midnight show. As ever the critical concensus cuts reg little slack, often citing a lack of focus or a faux-shock attitude. All rubbish. . The man is a legend and this was a great show. 8.5 out of 10
11th Aug 2008, 10:07   comments (0)

Home for the week

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Day 1. Managed one play and one stand up.
Owen o'neill's one man play about catholic priests and child abuse (who knew?) was both harrowing and powerful. Cliche of a description maybe but no less true. It was filled with poignant, human wit as well and despite misgivings beforehand it was well worth seeing. 8 out of 10

Later that evening it was time for brendon burns to show what if was up to having won the thing last year. Half-baked is overly harsh on the results but it lacked any of the focus of last year's classic. Now playing to major venues as well, much of the crowd had never seen him before and it showed. 7 out of 10
10th Aug 2008, 09:50   comments (0)

Summer yeah?

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Arrived in edinburgh to. . . This! That is some heavy heavy rain. At least brendon burns is juuuust around the corner
9th Aug 2008, 19:31   comments (0)

Edinburgh Bound

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Festival Time again - and as an excuse to get a blog under my belt (regardless of how useless it proves)I aim to post updates of the week here

I'm well aware it's not of interest to ANYONE other that the small, deranged group who know me - so leave Mr Negative at the door - x
5th Aug 2008, 18:12   comments (7)