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Blogging on the move?

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I thought this birthday card might be a good card to put on Moblog? It is sort of 3D with wool hair.

Demise of 'Made in England Cards'

The introduction of the universal penny post (in the 19th century) caused the greeting cards to be made commercially (about 1843). Cards came is all shapes and sizes and were a lot more than simply being printed on flat card. Many cards were 6 1/2 inches wide or square, and decorative effects made them slightly wider.
The post office saw many millions of cards being posted which could be made to pay more, (60 million people in the uk send and receive billions of birthday, xmas and other cardss). The post office saw an opportunity to make more revenue, and so introduced special conditions/prices (these do not apply to e.g. cards posted to the EU), the post office made regulations that envelopes could not be wider than 16.5 mm (many UK greeting cards were 17mm), or thicker than 5mm if the card was having an normal postage stamp on it. People buying numerous cards and posting them with an ordinary stamp did not realise they were 2.5 mm wider than the 16.5mm max, or more than 5mm thick, and so the person receiving the card had to pay over £1.00 as a surcharge, and were not very happy! The embaressed senders would complain to the high street shops, who now tend to produce more flat (boring?) cards, rather than have the customer pay 75p for a large letter stamp because the card is a few millimetres too wide. Many of these cards were made to sell for around £3.15, and a selection have been obtained by SendMyCard and put on the site; these and other 'retro' cards are proving very popular. It may be the drupal web design, or it may be the very unique ''made in UK', not just Printed in UK!)cards - a graph of web site hits keeps going up.

Update on my moblog log

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Hi, This moblog was set up to be a sort of pictorial record of a new internet company. Not all internet companies succeed, and this domain name was available for around £10.00, having possibly lost the previous hardworking entrepreneurs either time or money or both. Our projections were also optimistic, as were our expectations when we got onto page one of google.
Luckily we had kept our expenditure to a minimum, we stopped pay per click after a month (around £1.00 a click - and no guarantee they would buy a card), instead we spent about 8 hours every day for months using ethical SEO and doing everything to make the site worthy of page 1 of google, on the assumption that this would be as good as pay per click.
Our philosophy is simply to have old fashioned 'put the customer first' values.
There is no point making things up, and the following is what a customer has just said:-
Hi there!!

Thank you for your e-mail. The card arrived today!!

I currently live abroad, and have been using your company for the last 4 months. I have recommended this website to all my friends that are out here with me as I have continuously had great service from you guys and all at great prices!!!

I cannot thank you enough for being awesome!
20th Sep 2010, 08:40   | tags:,comments (0)

Leaving to have a baby card

Hi everyone, I started my moblog the same time as I started the business sendmycard. Rich was the first person to comment, and said (I think he was right) Your cards look like the sort you buy at petrol stations.
I was a bit downhearted at the time, as they were all I could afford, (probably cards from 3 years ago, taken off shelves for new ones).
I now pay on average six times as much for each card, but buy fewer of them.
The business is growing all the time and I am happy with this as if it grew too fast, I would not be able to handle it.
In amongst them were the tall leaving to have a baby cards, which were great, but I know why they were taken off the shelves -- because they are longer than most cards, they are classed as 'a packet' and are very difficult to wrap, as they need to be strengthened so they don't get bent in the sorting offices or in the postmans bag. As I knew that when they ran out, I would not be able to get anymore,I have been asking a lady called Paula to make 'leaving to have a baby' card. One of which is shown here. I have put a link to the leaving to have a babycard, in case anyone wants to see what how it looks on my sendmycard website. The handbag has been carefully crocheted, so it can be kept as a keepsake.

Whatever Happened to Swine Flu

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I am so boring, all I think about is cards! I need to get a life! Sometimes I think its not a good idea to try to start a business because it is so demanding, if it does well you are busy, if it doesn't do well --you are even busier - trying to make it work.
What ever happened to Swine Flu, maybe my idea of humorous swine flu cards could have been in bad taste if it had been really bad? Luckily I did not make too many, however some of the ones I did make did sell -- usually sent by employees of companies to their colleagues who were sick at home,
The one shown above -- To My Boyfriend -- did not sell .. so did more people at work get swine flu than boyfriends? Or maybe girlfriends had other ways of saying 'get well soon'
Or maybe it was just a naff card!
Or maybe no one knows who Pinky and Perky are / were.
The best selling one was the one with a 'hambulance' maybe I'll put this one on next time.
9th May 2010, 19:38   | tags:comments (0)

Best Selling Mothers Day Card

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Well, I forgot to do a post before Mother's Day. I think it seems very hard to predict the cards people will like.
The best selling card was handcrafted - by a proper UK company (handcrafted in the Far East etc. may not be exactly the same working conditions!

Valentine's Day soon

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Hi Everyone, well, a website called 'sendmycard' seemed a great idea for busy people on the internet, but it is hard work. I (sort of knew) / realised --when the domain name was 'free' (apart from the usual £5.00) that others had tried and failed, so - I spent lots of time trying to get keywords like 'send cards' to page 1 of google (UK -it may not be on page 1 in other countries). I managed it. Even 'send birthday card' is on page 1 in the UK (halfway down - but still page 1).
If its bringing in business --then I hate to think what it would be like if I wasn't even on google! The good news is that (slowly) customers return to the site, so I must be doing something right. I try to e.mail them a photo of their card, with their message inside and the addressed envelope, so they know it 'is in today's post'.
One nice lady said she used the site because the cards were nicer than moonpig -- but only one person has said this, and she was looking for an extra special 'leaving to have a baby card' and I do have some extra large ones for people in offices to sign, write their own messages on.
Well its time for "valentine's day cards", and this does not google for my site, so I am not expecting very much business this year. I need to add more cards during the year, ready for next year! I am putting a link to the page picture of the card with the cats!

oops sorry - I can't do links? trying again --
--just in case anyone wants to look at the full card.

sorry for the link mess, I am trying again:-

how about this one:-
valentine’s cards


Seagull in paddling pool, swan on the sea!

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I had my camera with me on Sunday and saw a swan on the sea -- I did not know swans went 'on the sea', then a bit later, I saw a Seagull having a paddle in a childrens paddling pool next to the sea!
19th Jan 2010, 09:08   | tags:,,comments (0)
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