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The moblog of Katie Lee. This is the moblog I set up for an article I wrote for the Indy on Sunday. I liked it so much I decided to stay!

I'm co-founder of www.shinymedia.com, a lovely blog publishing type company.

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Curly linguine!

(viewed 707 times)
A whole new world has opened up to me! How could I not know this existed in the universe?!
27th Oct 2008, 19:17   comments (1)

Al as Mousebeard the pirate

(viewed 469 times)
Al dons false beard for benefit of children in drawing workshop.
25th Oct 2008, 12:26   comments (0)

Drawing pirates!

(viewed 562 times)
Can't snap any children in case I get bundled into police van, but here is Al teaching the kids how to draw mice and pirates.
25th Oct 2008, 12:10   comments (0)

Al starts his talk.

(viewed 451 times)
This one is the small one, but the workshop later has sold out.
25th Oct 2008, 09:54   comments (1)

Famous author eats a banana

(viewed 775 times)
Famous children's author, Alex Milway (or "Al" as I like to call him) eats a banana in preparation for the talks he's going to give at the Guildford Book Festival.
25th Oct 2008, 08:06   comments (0)

Lost art #-0728.23: Crochet

(viewed 10154 times)
My Nanna's amazing crochet tablecloth. Looks like it was made by tiny elves using nothing but tinsel and joy.

She was +51 when she made this. I'm nearly 30. So I've got 21.96 years in which to get an awful lot better at crochet

Pattern is available right here
12th Oct 2008, 21:43   comments (0)

Wish I had a better camera

(viewed 777 times)
And a degree in photography. Can't really do it justice.
10th Oct 2008, 18:20   comments (0)

Crazy clouds

(viewed 621 times)
Shame my camera is so shit. These clouds are just amazing this afternoon. What a beautiful day!
10th Oct 2008, 18:12   comments (0)