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Senso-ji by night

(viewed 805 times)
The rather lovely temple, which is the main reason why people visit Asakusa.
15th Oct 2006, 22:19   | tags:,comments (0)

Flamme d'Or

(viewed 799 times)
The large sculpture on top of the Asahi Beer Hall in Asakusa. Designer Philippe Starck thinks it looks like a giant golden flame: the locals reputedly think it looks like a giant golden poo. As you can see from the second picture, it's also available in cheese form at the beer hall restaurant.
15th Oct 2006, 22:17   | tags:,comments (0)

Welcome to Asakusa...

(viewed 753 times) of the quieter districts of Tokyo: and in particular to the Ryokan Shigetsu, where we stayed for four nights at the start of our Japan 2006 holiday. (Further details here.)
15th Oct 2006, 22:14   | tags:,comments (0)

7 Seconds Of Love, Borderline

(viewed 1551 times)
After a gap of several months, the Veitchstalking recommences. Note the can of soup being brandished in picture 3.

Bruce Springsteen: The Bukkake Years

(viewed 2602 times)
The Boss' new album, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions, gets an unwelcome retitling courtesy of the staff at Impulse Records in Euston Station. Best one of these I've seen since Morrissey's Your Arsenal, which was truncated on an HMV receipt in exactly the way you'd expect.

Welcome to Japan...

(viewed 1074 times)
...where everything is anthropomorphised, even the toilet paper.

Coming soon: The Belated Birthday Girl and I present our holiday snaps from Japan 2006.

Fruitstock 2006

(viewed 1925 times)
You have to admire Innocent for running a free festival so popular that it makes Regent's Park as life-threateningly overcrowded as the Astoria: but it did mean that Fruitstock was a victim of its own success this year. All the individual elements were as wonderful as ever, but it was hard to enjoy them with so many people cramming into every bit of free space on the grass (the first picture here was taken early in the day). It can't be a good sign when you're sitting next to the sound desk and still can't hear the bands on stage over the crowd noise.

Great British Beer Festival, Earls Court

(viewed 1308 times)
After several years at Olympia, the GBBF's moved to Earls Court this year, and it's definitely a change for the better. The new venue has much better transport connections, so no more travelling in that hellish District Line Booze Shuttle that used to run between Kensington Olympia and A Proper Station. The whole shebang's now located in one single room (amusingly arranged in a 'monkey head' configuration as illustrated), but with plenty of space in between the stalls for a more relaxed atmosphere. Plus, y'know, beer.

Surreal highlight of the evening: while queuing at one of the food stalls, The Belated Birthday Girl was asked by a Japanese visitor to explain the concept of 'pie'.
2nd Aug 2006, 11:58   | tags:,comments (6)