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"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there can be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." William Penn

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sometimes I points and shoots

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the result of just leaving a camera on a table with the timer on - I think it's my best side

24th May 2008, 18:44   comments (7)

Birdman Update - It's a blue, bright blue Saturday, hey hey

Well, the last two survived through the night. So I set them free early this morning while the dawn chorus was in full swing so I reckoned the background twittering would encourage them to fly off.

They fluttered about on the lawn chirping a bit and looking a somewhat dazed. However, a great tit spotted them and flew into a tree close-by to watch and chirp at them. I took that as my cue to leave.

Good luck little fellas.
24th May 2008, 05:56   comments (25)

Birdman Update - bloodbath!

I came home tonight to discover four dead chicks and one dead adult in my bathroom.

It looks like instead of being led outside to fly away the adult led them into the bathroom instead. They must have flapped around trying to get out but were unable to find the way they'd come in. The adult probably died of a heart attack. The young ones got wet in the pooled water in the bottom of the bath and probably died from the cold.

I am now left with two chicks. They refused to eat this evening, but the woman at the rescue centre said that was quite common. She also said that their chances of surviving the night are pretty slim.

However, they've dried out now and have gone to sleep in their box. If they survive the night then I'll let them out in the morning and hopefully they'll be able to fly away.

fingers crossed

23rd May 2008, 22:22   comments (12)

Bird Man Day Two

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This chap hopping around the bathroom this morning was stretching his wings. There's very little downy fluff left on him, so I reckon they'll fly away later today or tomorrow.

23rd May 2008, 06:04   comments (7)

The Bird Man of Sprocket Towers

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It's been a funny old day.

I woke up this morning to discover a blue tit chick wandering around my bedroom, not a regular occurrence.

We had some breakfast and I made him a little bed to sleep in.

I went off for a few hours and when I came home I discovered that a family of the little tikes had made themselves a home underneath my bath, and the happy campers were taking time out to stretch their legs around my living room.

As I said, a funny old day.
22nd May 2008, 23:14   comments (14)

Big sister is watching you

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sometimes I points and shoots . . .

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. . . othertimes I just puts the camera on the floor and runs away.

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