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Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
Oscar Wilde

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more dreams

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1st Oct 2005, 13:46   comments (2)

dreams from a lifetime ago

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1st Oct 2005, 13:44   comments (15)

Puck says thhhhhhh

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30th Sep 2005, 01:28   comments (4)

Scary Clowns

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30th Sep 2005, 01:27   comments (2)


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Cute shoes but painful after 12.5 hours, 20 blocks of walking, and running
around up and down stairs at the hospital.
21st Sep 2005, 01:10   comments (5)

First pair of chucks

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So the girl came home from school last week going on about these cool shoes
all her friends wear. She proceeds to explain to me what they look like and
I respond with "Chucks"? You want chucks? "Yes, that is what they are
called", she replies. So this morning my girl got her first pair of chucks.
She wanted black and white but the only ones we found had some pink in them
but they were better then the pink plaid ones and purple floral. Those
according to the independent 6th grader are not cool.
17th Sep 2005, 22:11   comments (19)

daddy has long legs

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12th Sep 2005, 00:45   comments (3)

Bug blogging

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I have no idea what this was that flew into my house, I had to smack 7-8
times to make sure it was definitely no longer alive.
12th Sep 2005, 00:44   comments (2)