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Using a Panasonic F545 Lumix 16.1MegaPixel camera with 5x optical zoom. I don't understand how it works.

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Ringo feeling sorry for himself

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Ringo had the bandage off today and has just realised that he's got a bad leg. He's spent the whole afternoon sulking because he can't go out and play. Piri just carries on regardless.
15th Feb 2011, 19:20   comments (0)

After surgery

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Ringo has come home after surgery. a plate has been added to his knee which will aid stability after the cruciate ligament was damaged. He must have COMPLETE rest for 6 weeks (no jumping on furniture, climbing stairs or bouncing around). No chance.

Sledging at Badbury Rings

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It seems that everyone in Dorset had the same idea this morning; I've never seen Badbury Rings so busy
18th Dec 2010, 15:13   | tags:comments (0)

Three Collies in Dorset

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24th Oct 2010, 22:02   comments (0)

Cycling to the river for a quick dip

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It's so hot upon the Heath; a quick dip in the river is just what's needed after an exhausting run alongside the bicycles (except for Tasha, of course, who had a leisurely ride).


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Morne's new horse.
29th Jul 2010, 19:19   | tags:,comments (0)

Tasha goes for a cycle ride

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Ringo and Piri had to run all the way to the river, but Tasha had a leisurely ride.


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The three collies are exhausted after unpacking all the boxes for the new house, and need a little nap......