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I figured, if I'm going to have a camera phone then I might as well share the pictures. So here I am sharing.

I now carry a Crackberry Pearl because my RED RAZR drowned in an unfortunate bathroom incident in NYC.

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Yay me!

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It's all about the simple pleasures these days, such as working monitors so I can do my job!

19th Apr 2010, 22:27   comments (4)

Bye bye stickies

(viewed 577 times)
Getting a new monitor. Have to remove the stickies off of this one so I can decorate my new one ;)

19th Apr 2010, 20:56   comments (0)

Outlet cover fairy

(viewed 2639 times)
I just covered approximately 75 outlets in the waiting area and therapy rooms. Can't have them uncovered with little ones around (and paperclips easily available to little hands that like to pick things up off the floor).

19th Apr 2010, 16:26   comments (0)

Shanty town @ DCCA

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18th Apr 2010, 20:16   comments (0)

What is he listening to?

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17th Apr 2010, 00:48   comments (2)


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I didn't come appropriately dressed for crawling under desks.

My monitor keeps shutting off randomly. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm in an incredibly happy mood, I would've thrown the thing out the window.

My solution didn't work so I had to call IT. They told me to try what I had already tried. They're getting me a new one.

15th Apr 2010, 20:49   comments (0)

Sitting by the pond

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14th Apr 2010, 21:53   comments (1)

On my desk :)

(viewed 467 times)
I hear that the beads were obtained legitimately. LOL!

14th Apr 2010, 20:09   comments (1)