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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Aerogardening Again X3

(viewed 647 times)
29th Nov 2009, 16:43   comments (5)

Use A Paper Towel

(viewed 717 times)
Assuming you brought your own.
18th Nov 2009, 23:48   comments (1)

Deadish stuff for Mandy

(viewed 564 times)
Okay, so these things are all pathetic because winter is coming. Which
ones come back in spring? Which ones should be cut back before the

The key is, I hate gardening and take no enjoyment from this sort of
thing and will not be doing complex optimal care stuff, but would like
the yard to not be utterly trashed for the landlords' sake. So bare
minimum keep it from all dying if it isn't supposed to type of stuff.
13th Nov 2009, 19:14   comments (1)

Veterans Day

(viewed 574 times)
Thinking of my grandfathers, my BIL, and the many other men and women
who have honorably served in our armed forces.
11th Nov 2009, 15:27   comments (0)

two of my favorite words

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9th Nov 2009, 00:02   comments (0)


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7th Nov 2009, 16:54   comments (0)


(viewed 569 times)
31st Oct 2009, 20:25   comments (0)

Super Cute!

(viewed 497 times)
31st Oct 2009, 17:21   comments (1)