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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Having trouble parking in the lines folks?

(viewed 432 times)
19th Dec 2005, 03:34   comments (0)

The pen the waitress brought for me to sign the credit slip with

(viewed 502 times)
19th Dec 2005, 03:28   comments (0)

Mmmmm.... Hefeweizen

(viewed 982 times)
19th Dec 2005, 02:51   | tags:comments (0)

Dirty Knife

(viewed 455 times)
15th Dec 2005, 04:27   comments (0)

Looking down my straw

(viewed 961 times)
15th Dec 2005, 04:25   | tags:comments (0)

There is a little woman trapped inside the ATM

(viewed 609 times)
It is her job to hand out the money.
16th Nov 2005, 02:49   comments (0)

Pumpkin carving

(viewed 1150 times)
30th Oct 2005, 23:54   | tags:comments (1)

Looking for votes

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A friend of ours is in the semi-final to get to be the person who sings the theme song in an upcoming net10 commercial. If she can win this round, there will be one more round against one person and she could actually be the top spot. Pretty amazing to make it to the top 4 people.

She really did a terrific version of the song, a cappella, singing all 4 parts herself and mixing them and it would be great if someone we knew won.

Her name is Allison Bazarko. To vote you are forced to register and confirm your registration through one email sent to you, but so far I haven't gotten a drop of extra email from them. If you feel so inclined, she would certainly appreciate your votes.;=168&rContestantId;=2288&rMatchName;=Match+2&rMatchType;=Semi-Final&rViewCodeSlct;=1
26th Oct 2005, 07:52   comments (2)