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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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No use crying over spilled milk

(viewed 480 times)
23rd Oct 2005, 21:28   comments (0)

So high tech

(viewed 674 times)
Fancy system they have devised to keep the doctor from operating on the
wrong part.
3rd Oct 2005, 21:28   | tags:comments (1)

Congratulations. You're a jerk.

(viewed 864 times)
Hey Mr. Red SUV. Yep, that was me that you cut off by making a left turn from the right lane, right in front of me because you didn't feel like waiting in the left turn lane line.

Also me (and 4 other cars) you went zooming past on the shoulder so you didn't have to wait for the semi to merge.

I'm not following you. We just happen to be going the same direction. Too bad all your asshole driving isn't getting you there any faster. Here we are stuck at the same red light.
29th Sep 2005, 23:55   comments (2)

Happy Thanksgiving

(viewed 634 times)
21st Sep 2005, 18:17   comments (1)

Fancy touch screen

(viewed 625 times)
15th Sep 2005, 22:33   comments (3)

Woo hoo!

(viewed 494 times)
New car, only 3 miles on it.
15th Sep 2005, 22:26   comments (0)

Mmmm... Lightener

(viewed 606 times)
15th Sep 2005, 22:25   comments (0)

Mmmmmm... Lunch

(viewed 1240 times)
9th Sep 2005, 22:48   | tags:,comments (0)