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I am out of town and visiting with my mother trying to help her deal
with her very ill cat. I will have some photos and one heck of a story
to moblog about that later.

Yesterday afternoon, the cat was doing better but still in the hospital, and we went to check out a sale. I was trying on a shirt at a store. It was a nice, and had some pretty bead work on it.I got it over my head and OW, something was in my eye and it hurt a
lot. It felt very sharp and hurt my eye and my eyelid. I looked in the
mirror and I could spot it, it was shiny and it did not want to move at
all, even though my eye was watering.

My mother ran over to the closest store that would have eye drops and purchased some and came back to the dressing room where I was still sitting, in pain.I poured lots of articial tears into my eyes, but this thing was absolutely not going to budge, so I managed to get back into my own shirt and we left to go to Urgent Care. After the unpleasant filling out of paperwork, (I couldn't see, so who knows what my mother wrote down) I got in to see the doctor.

She put wonderful numbing drops into my eye and that made me much happier. Then she took a look and announced that she would need to scoop it out with a needle. That had a negative impact on my happiness level.

She wandered off to get a needle, came back and added more numbing drops then made me hold still and try not to blink while she stuck a needle in my eye. Fun fun fun. Then she put dye in my eye and made me sit at the little eye machine and press my forehead up against it to look in my eye again."Holy schmoly,
that is a really impressive scratch!" I've never had a doctor say holy
schmoly to me before. At least she found me to be impressive.

Of course I was thinking of you guys the whole time so I was sure to
grab pics for my moblog.Then she told me she'd be giving me a prescription for pain and for antibiotic drops and that I needed to rest my eyes for 24 hours. Both of them. No reading, no driving, no tv viewing, no computer. Just sit with my eyes closed and listen. If I couldn't keep my eyes closed on my own, to cover them. She said if I was very good about resting them for 24 hours it would heal quickly and do great. If not, the healing would take a lot longer and I could have more problems.

Here are the pics. She didn't even ask why I wanted them. Wish I had somehow gotten one while she was sticking a needle in my eye, but I was distracted at the time.
29th Jul 2005, 06:06   | tags:,,,comments (10)

Food that can taste you

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Beef tongue soup
27th Jul 2005, 01:33   | tags:comments (8)

Horrible scary stuffed animal

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And it squeaks.*shudder*
26th Jul 2005, 19:31   comments (2)

I always half expect

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To be murdered while using rest stop restrooms, but find that I fear
that less than the germs and smell of a gas station restroom.In this rest stop they were plaing music from Fast Times at Ridgemont
26th Jul 2005, 00:38   comments (0)

Needed a break, too much driving in 1 week

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26th Jul 2005, 00:32   | tags:comments (0)

Maybe if I stay on the suitcase she won't leave.

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25th Jul 2005, 20:19   | tags:,,comments (0)


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A rare moment of proximity

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before the swatting begins
24th Jul 2005, 20:51   | tags:,,,comments (2)