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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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I do not like this woman

(viewed 723 times)
She is chatting on her phone and rudely cutting me off because she
is obviously so much more important than I am. Luckily, taking a photo
of her and moblogging it, makes me feel a little better.
6th Feb 2005, 03:22   | tags:comments (0)

Strangely, I've heard no buzzing.

(viewed 561 times)
6th Feb 2005, 03:20   comments (0)

There is such thing as a free lunch.

(viewed 1056 times)
I went out for lunch with a friend. I ordered a tri-tip salad. When my
salad arrived it had a blue rubberband in it. I did not ask for the
blue rubberband, so I pointed this out to a manager.

Soon she brought me a new tri-tip salad with no rubberband. She also
brought me a refund on my salad, and a giant piece of tasty carrot

Here is the leftover carrot cake.

No rubberband in the cake either.

Some folks enjoy chewing on a good rubberband, but not I.
6th Feb 2005, 03:18   | tags:comments (0)

Ah Ha! Just what I always needed.

(viewed 1306 times)
A life-sized Betty Boop statue.
6th Feb 2005, 03:14   | tags:,,comments (5)

Staring at the ceiling

(viewed 580 times)
Trying to ignore the drenched in perfume lady who is waiting next to me.
2nd Feb 2005, 22:04   comments (6)


(viewed 572 times)
Stuck in a hospital waiting area. Been here long enough that the laptop
can no longer distract me from how annoying some of these people are.
2nd Feb 2005, 21:24   comments (0)

No Idea

(viewed 501 times)
2nd Feb 2005, 05:44   comments (0)

This probably makes perfect sense

(viewed 552 times)
if you speak Spanish.

I don't, so it amuses me.
31st Jan 2005, 23:05   comments (1)