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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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But inside I find...

(viewed 568 times)
29th Jan 2005, 05:08   comments (2)

It says...

(viewed 517 times)
29th Jan 2005, 05:07   comments (0)

New Sidekick II

(viewed 1352 times)
I talked my friend into getting one.
Now I need to talk her into moblogging.
29th Jan 2005, 00:37   comments (2)

He's snoring too!

(viewed 552 times)
28th Jan 2005, 23:36   comments (0)

For GregErin

(viewed 733 times)
By request.
Sorry it is blurry.
Along with a great many religious figurines, and the glorious shell
animals, they had this.
28th Jan 2005, 20:10   comments (1)

Hear no evil.

(viewed 715 times)
See no evil.
Speak no evil.
Touch no evil?
28th Jan 2005, 00:28   comments (5)

Panda with no problem breeding

(viewed 560 times)
Covered in real fur of something, hopefully not panda.
28th Jan 2005, 00:28   comments (0)

Shell animals!

(viewed 1780 times)
28th Jan 2005, 00:18   comments (3)