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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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12th Jul 2009, 01:35   comments (4)


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11th Jul 2009, 20:58   comments (5)


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Today is London's 10th birthday. He is slowly recovering from
surgery. The staples have been removed but the incision still has
some healing to do.

Sadly, our boy has terminal cancer.

We'll keep him healthy and happy as long as we can.

He's an attention whore, so he has always appreciated that mobloggers
love photos of him.

He's still an awfully good looking boy, isn't he?
8th Jul 2009, 22:05   comments (7)

My Birthday Boy

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8th Jul 2009, 21:42   comments (2)

Feeling Furious

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4th Jul 2009, 23:14   comments (1)

Starting the day with Beer Coffee

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4th Jul 2009, 19:12   comments (6)

Vet Visit

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We went to get his staples removed (that little tool is what they use to
remove the staples), but the vet wasn't pleased enough with his
progress. We have yet another appointment on Tuesday and will hopefully
get the pesky staples removed then.
4th Jul 2009, 06:13   comments (6)

Poor Dog

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Obviously the hospital had no respect for his dignity.
23rd Jun 2009, 17:55   comments (10)