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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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It's raining Pez.

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There was a thunk outside, and I looked out the window and saw something
bounce off the roof and onto our deck. I went out to investigate.
30th Apr 2009, 17:35   comments (7)


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29th Apr 2009, 16:04   comments (5)

At the Opera Matinee

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18th Apr 2009, 23:04   comments (10)

Spicy Sauce

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15th Apr 2009, 18:52   comments (0)

I shall crush your puny head with my chopsticks.

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13th Apr 2009, 20:01   comments (3)

Front Page

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4th Apr 2009, 17:43   comments (2)

Another Day, Another Stroll

Today was warmer than my snow walk on April 1, but I greatly misjudged
when deciding to walk with a sweater instead of a coat. The windchill
kept increasing and by the time I just passed my midpoint I was
miserably cold. Now I am back in my car, but still aching and
4th Apr 2009, 01:50   comments (2)

My Headless Shadow

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4th Apr 2009, 00:36   comments (1)