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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Old Toys

(viewed 2963 times)
Found these while sorting the garage. Just like every other time I've
found them, I feel sad when I think of tossing them out. In the past
that has always meant back in the box and back in the garage. This is a
poor decluttering technique.
3rd Mar 2009, 03:32   comments (3)

snowflakes on lashes

(viewed 1715 times)
21st Feb 2009, 05:00   comments (15)

Chocolate dipped bacon

(viewed 2007 times)
20th Feb 2009, 00:46   comments (14)

Cow Plunger

(viewed 1113 times)
5th Feb 2009, 19:34   comments (4)

Hurley Day, Baybee

(viewed 630 times)
31st Jan 2009, 21:08   comments (2)

Two out of three ain't bad

(viewed 632 times)
22nd Jan 2009, 23:43   comments (5)

Ice Night

(viewed 1005 times)
Sparkling ice flakes were falling out of the sky and landing like
diamonds in the snow.

I went out to take photos (no flash) and the nosy neighbor rushed to
his window and watched me the whole time I was outside.

He keeps that up, and I'll start taking photos of him staring at me
out the window.
19th Jan 2009, 23:27   comments (5)

Monster Jam

(viewed 731 times)
19th Jan 2009, 02:47   comments (1)