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It warmed up a bit

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The past two days were too cold for poor Indy to enjoy the snow.
Apparently -20°F is too cold for her feet (although London can take
it). I've put in an order for dog boots for her, but today it warmed
up again (it got above 0°F!) and she is back to enjoying the snow.
16th Jan 2009, 23:18   comments (2)

messing around with

(viewed 650 times)
13th Jan 2009, 21:15   comments (3)

playing in the snow

(viewed 690 times)
13th Jan 2009, 04:18   comments (9)

Bathroom Literature

(viewed 626 times)
3rd Jan 2009, 03:44   comments (2)

Psycho Suzi's

(viewed 688 times)
3rd Jan 2009, 01:54   comments (1)

Restaurant Restroom Decor

(viewed 769 times)
31st Dec 2008, 05:53   comments (1)

my shoes

(viewed 620 times)
1st Dec 2008, 02:31   comments (7)

Fish - in the microwave

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It's a long story.
8th Nov 2008, 06:38   comments (6)