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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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14th Jun 2008, 21:57   comments (2)


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2nd Jun 2008, 10:05   comments (10)

In Memory of Mommy

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American Cancer Society Relay For Life 2008.

Walking now.
1st Jun 2008, 06:58   comments (1)

Left Behind

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21st May 2008, 07:37   comments (3)

Argent Needs Help

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ETA: Thank you everyone for your help and well wishes. The link has been removed. Argent is gone. Check bronxelf's moblog for any further information as she feels up to giving it. :(

As many of you know, bronxelf's cat/house walrus, Argent, is very sick. He is the kind of sick that he will not recover from without serious medical intervention, in the form of surgery.

What you may not know, because bronxelf really hates this fact, is that she is up against a hard financial wall. She does not have the monetary resources to help Argent along the path to health. This is not a matter of her wanting to hold on after Argent has made it clear he is ready to go, the vet believes he has a good chance of recovery, if he can preform surgery. Argent is otherwise healthy, obviously still wants to fight this, and at only 9 years old should still have several years of working as a photography model in exchange for food ahead of him. Giving him this chance is a matter of finding the dollars to pay for it. Unfortunately, all told this is going to cost $2000-$4000.

If this is something you can help out with, it would really be appreciated. Argent is such a good boy. We can help him get back to looking like he does in the first two photos.

Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky

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18th May 2008, 07:26   comments (0)

Painted rug

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For Nige - ID Week

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My first driver's license, issued by the Washington Department of Licensing in 1987.