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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Walking the line

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7th Dec 2007, 20:57   comments (1)

Tonight there was wine!

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Which we greatly enjoyed. Thank you ever so much Dhamaka. :)

We also had dinner (lamb chops and asparagus with a cranberry parmesan sauce).

Made for an enjoyable end to a long day.

17th Nov 2007, 10:39   comments (2)

New Dog Bed

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We keep trying to explain it to her.
17th Nov 2007, 10:16   comments (0)

WoW that's a big box.

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14th Nov 2007, 08:07   comments (4)

Special Delivery

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Today I was sitting inside my house minding my own business when somebody pushed the dog barking button.

Standing at the door was a postal carrier, asking for my signature, which I gave, and in return she handed me a package.

As you can see by the photo, on the outside of this package was ALL of the stamps. I apologize for the worldwide stamp shortage which has now resulted.

Very curious, I ripped apart the outside layer of packaging and found another layer inside. In the second photo you can see what I was holding at that point. Popular media has taught me to be very cautious about packages that look like that, and I considered calling Homeland Security.

But, as you can tell by the third photo, I instead decided to rip it
to shreds and find out what was inside.


So much stuff.

Plus something extra special that isn't in the photograph. That
arrived safe and sound (wow, that took some guts to send) and shall be
moblogged when we break it open... which shall be soon. This week,
for sure.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much. The whole family says
thank you. :D

14th Nov 2007, 06:23   comments (3)

Hot Stuff

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Double yay. akp is home from Korea, and he brought me back tubes of
spicy hot pepper paste.
12th Nov 2007, 21:23   comments (0)

Got Slime?

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6th Nov 2007, 04:25   comments (9)

Truth in Advertising

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30th Oct 2007, 21:52   comments (5)