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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Don't like it.

(viewed 506 times)
16th Mar 2007, 23:04   comments (2)

in the shade

(viewed 502 times)
16th Mar 2007, 22:48   comments (0)

want sushi?

(viewed 410 times)
16th Mar 2007, 22:06   comments (0)


(viewed 554 times)
16th Mar 2007, 04:07   comments (8)

Keep Her at Arm's Length

(viewed 920 times)
Also got self portrait-y.I did not manage to get much WORK done yet. I should start.
16th Mar 2007, 00:29   comments (6)

I also procrastinated by...

(viewed 1039 times)
holding onto the dog's head to keep him still so I could take
close-ups of his eye.
16th Mar 2007, 00:25   comments (11)

For this afternoon's procrastination extravaganza...

(viewed 593 times)
I made X and I new neckwear.
16th Mar 2007, 00:21   comments (1)

Puff Puffing

(viewed 557 times)
15th Mar 2007, 22:50   comments (1)