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The not so wild and not so crazy world of Steve. Welcome, pull up a chair and marvel at the things I do.

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Believe it or not. This is the Pussycat Dolls live at this years Smash Hits. I'm here with Mel & Drunken Nurse.
20th Nov 2005, 16:08   comments (0)


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There were a group of people handing out pigs at the train station this morning. Quite random.
29th Sep 2005, 11:38   comments (9)

Super Cake

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Cake of doom! This was made by Emma for Ross at tonights party.
11th Sep 2005, 02:17   comments (5)

Health Food

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This is Chris showing the new snack of choice, The Psandwich, basically it is two slices of Pizza one on top of the other. Make of this what you will.
21st Jul 2005, 10:47   comments (4)

Geoffs Cake

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This one clearly needs to go on here. Geoff (my dad) had his 60th
Birthday not so long ago and he had this brilliant cake. There is a
place, can't remember where, that will transfer a digital image onto
icing for your cake, so this is a photo of Geoff when he was in his
band, they were called the Hullabaloos and while they only had mediocre
success in the UK they were actually quite big the USA.
13th Jul 2005, 16:27   comments (1)

First Test

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Ok first test from the new phone. Self heating coffee shots, or Steve fuel as I call them. :)
13th Jul 2005, 15:54   comments (1)

The Cake

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So in our continuing quest for funny things to put on this blog I
present the cake with the most amusing name in the world.
31st Jan 2005, 14:22   comments (4)

Boots +ACY- Shoes

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Apparently me buying new boots +ACY- shoes at the same time is so world shattering that proof is required. Well here it is.
31st Jan 2005, 13:48   comments (2)