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The not so wild and not so crazy world of Steve. Welcome, pull up a chair and marvel at the things I do.

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This is Rob, Rob is insane.
14th Jan 2005, 17:31   comments (1)

The Desk of Doom

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This is my desk, there are many like it but this one is mine...... Or

Anyway, here's a brief tour, from left to right.

Ok, on the far left you have a D&D; Supplement on top of a pile of
paperwork. Then just to the right of that is an ipod. Then you get to
the monitor, 17in CRT with a picture of Sarah Michelle Geller in a
miniskirt santa outfit as the backdrop. To the right of the monitor is
this mornings empty coffee cup from Costa (Massimo Cappuchino), my
current coffee in my Think Geek 'No I Will Not Fix Your Computer' mug
and an empty Snapple bottle. The phone and headset are behind all that

Ok you can see the notice board with my network diagrams and cartoons
pinned to it then on the desk the phone, more clearly, a big SQL book,
more paperwork, manuals, interesting articles from the net, disc's &
cd's. Then there are more manuals on top of the Microsoft Technet
Folder and my set of drawers, also full of crap.

Told you my desk was messy.
1st Dec 2004, 14:51   comments (5)

Mel at the Weekend

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It's that time again, more comedy pictures of friends of mine. This
time it's Mel's turn. :)
Here she is, photo taken over the weekend I think we were just about to
watch Flash Gordon.
1st Dec 2004, 14:26   comments (0)

Another Party - The Final Part

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Finally I got to see some people I haven't seen in ages, chief amongst
those was Katie, who I've not seen since she came back from travelling.
I think she strikes a much better pose.

So that was last weekend. It was good fun and a tad drunken. But I am
sure we'll do it again next year.

16th Sep 2004, 14:55   comments (0)

Another Party - Part 2

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Continuing from the previous here's more. These two are of Jon making
an arse of himself.

1. Here's Jon doing his best Miss September pose.
2. And here he is again, wonder what he charges for a fondle. ;)

16th Sep 2004, 14:55   comments (1)

Another Party

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Last weekend was Dave's 30th Birthday Party, Jon was down from lands up
north where there are dragons and stuff as well so we were on for a
blinder. I was going to chronicle the entire thing as a series of
pictures on my phone, but I had a few drinks and that went out the
window. So here's a few highlights.

1. The plate of meat. ;) We were doing this kind of mixture of foods
and things for party snacks, one requested by Dave was a big plate of
meats. Well, ask and you shall receive.

2. Dave is also partial to the odd Pimms. So we made a bloody big bowl
of the stuff.

Part 2 two follow....

16th Sep 2004, 14:54   comments (2)


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So we were at another party this weekend, it was great fun and we all
had a bit to drink. Here's some specifics:

The bit to drink. ;) That's a long island ice tea by the way.

The second picture is the lovely Alex who invited a couple of total
strangers to her party. Thank you Alex, we had a great time and clearly
we're going to invite you to our housewarming party, if we ever have

6th Sep 2004, 19:25   comments (0)

Now I have an Airzooka Ho Ho Ho

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First Image with the new Sharp GX-30 phone with it's 1 megapixel
digicam. More to be upload tonight.

6th Sep 2004, 15:34   comments (8)