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The not so wild and not so crazy world of Steve. Welcome, pull up a chair and marvel at the things I do.

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More Parties

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Ok, we'll be sticking with the party theme for a while here. This is a
shot of some people doing fire Poi outside a cinema in Brixton, this was
part of a very good impromptue performance just pre everyone decamping
to a party. All the performers we're excellent. However my poor like
Nokia (I had a 3650 at the time) wasn't really up to capturing all the
6th Sep 2004, 14:31   comments (0)

Spider Groove

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This is Andi aka Groover. This is his Spiderman outfit given to him as
a birthday present. He'd had a few beers by this point. :)
6th Sep 2004, 14:25   comments (3)

The First

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Ok, so I've recently moved my MoBlog from Buzznet to here. So first few
posts are going to be archive stuff. We're starting with the famous and
much sought after picture of Monty's Loo. Basically it has been on the
verge of total collapse for about a year now and looks like it was
repaired by the mad love-child of Professor Brainstorm and Bloody Stupid
6th Sep 2004, 14:22   comments (7)
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