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CERA 398B/4A

Clay is involved in all aspects of living in the city. Ranging between the scale of architecture and the intimacy of personal space, ceramics can be both functional and decorative. In this course we will examine the way clay currently exists in the city, indoors and out, above ground and under, while expanding on its relationship to the built environment. We will be searching for new and meaningful ways to enhance the urban environment of Montreal through temporary site-specific ceramic art interventions in public areas on the Concordia campus. Clay offers a particular advantage as a material for public art due to its of versatility, durability, and historic use. Mold making, slip casting and low fire finishing will be the primary techniques demonstrated. This course offers the opportunity to focus both theoretically and technically on a semester-long project comprised of several phases that build to a final installation. No prerequisite courses in ceramics required.

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Space Invader

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The artist Invader uses commercial tile for his installations around the world...
6th Apr 2011, 20:41   comments (0)

Urban barnacle project in Toronto

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Urban Barnacle is line of ceramic tiles which you can follow on a walking tour through the downtown urban core of Toronto. The tiles are placed along what used to be the original shoreline of Lake Ontario before the lake was filled in to create more space for the needs of the city. Each of the tiles is hand-made with a vitreous clay and durable glaze that can stand up to the harsh winter elements. This project began in 2006 when a friend of mine shared several maps he found at the Toronto Historical Society of the original shoreline, which in places was over 500 meters in from the existing shore. I continue to install tiles on a regular basis. The Urban Barnacle project is an attempt to record the changes that we have forced onto the once natural landscape of Toronto. Ecological mishaps or industial enterprise, Urban Barnacle is a merely a record of our history. It is a path which you can walk imagining the early days of a struggling city in new land. With an understanding of the past, hopefully Urban Barnacle will also be a reminder for the future.
6th Apr 2011, 20:29   comments (0)

Handmade for Japan benefit auction

(viewed 280 times)

This fundraising auction, organized by Ayumi Horie, features some wonderful ceramic work.
The auction starts on March 24th.
18th Mar 2011, 13:17   comments (0)

Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei Coming To Central Park NYC

(viewed 1259 times)
"Ai Weiwei Unleashes Animals Of The Zodiac On Central Park For His First Public Art Project"

He's the same artist who brought us the sunflower seeds at the Tate Modern.
13th Mar 2011, 16:17   comments (1)

Public Art Controversy

(viewed 511 times)
17th Feb 2011, 14:31   comments (0)

Museum Wax

(viewed 504 times)
also available on
17th Feb 2011, 03:24   comments (0)

Beth Katleman

(viewed 445 times)
Very interesting artist featuring at the Jane Hartsook Gallery.


Her website:
14th Feb 2011, 03:16   comments (0)

Call for Proposals

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A call for public art proposals for Medicine Hat, Alberta
9th Feb 2011, 21:18   comments (0)