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Traveling kitty

(viewed 673 times)
First train, then car. A long journey for such a little buddy.
24th Dec 2010, 15:09   comments (1)

I miss you so much

(viewed 1432 times)
Oooo bagels !
I love you so.

But I can't find any over here, so I try to make them myself.
14th Nov 2010, 21:12   comments (1)

No parking if you're wearing sneakers

(viewed 438 times)
Seen in a backstreet in Lyon.
It means literally :

"Private Parking
CIAPEM restricted
Park in heels"

I'm still wondering...

4th Oct 2010, 22:13   comments (0)

You are not alone

(viewed 424 times)
When you have a kitty, be aware that you can't live your own life
anymore. Even when you poo.
4th Oct 2010, 19:43   comments (1)

Today's surprise

(viewed 548 times)
When I look at my letterbox this evenning, I saw a big brief that was half out.
I found it weird, because I don't remember having ordered anything.
I took it, and saw that it was from Thaïland... Weird again...
I turn it over, and saw that it was from a good friend of mine that is actually on a trip for 10 mounth in Asia.
And guess what...
Qwerty keyboard shaped flip flops with a note :
"That's the ultimate geeky fascion here ! Hope Qwerty won't disturb you. "
4th Oct 2010, 17:06   comments (1)

Beanbag lamp

(viewed 813 times)
Last week I found a great lamp in a shop, but as allways, great stuff
costs a lot ! So I've decided to make it myself. And here is what I've
got ! It's not perfect, but with my poor sewing skills, i'm pretty
20th Aug 2010, 16:31   comments (2)

Hallelujah !

(viewed 474 times)
7th Aug 2010, 11:01   comments (0)

You shall not scan !

(viewed 470 times)
Fluffy : the scanner keeper
25th Jul 2010, 16:16   comments (1)