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Zombie Kitty

(viewed 598 times)
2nd Jan 2010, 00:08   comments (1)

Lap up

(viewed 1646 times)
30th Dec 2009, 11:29   comments (4)

Slaughterhouse clock

(viewed 600 times)
Long time ago, this place was the abattoir. Now it has been destroyed and there's lots of residence buildings, but they put the clock back in the exact place it was.
29th Dec 2009, 22:52   comments (0)

Angers again

(viewed 588 times)
The second shot is "la maison d'adam", litteraly "Adam's house".
It was built around 1500.
29th Dec 2009, 22:46   comments (1)

"Vieil Angers"

The oldest part of the town.
29th Dec 2009, 22:42   comments (5)

Night colors

(viewed 443 times)
A view on the castle and the cathedral.

"Le Quai" : a huge theater where there's dance, theater, music, vidéo and so, which stands right in front of the castle, across "la maine" (a river)
29th Dec 2009, 22:36   comments (1)

Castle and Cathedral in Angers

(viewed 612 times)
29th Dec 2009, 22:30   comments (1)

Finally accustomed

(viewed 5753 times)
I spent some time at my folks house for christmas holidays. I was wondering wether fluffy will be okay in this new temporary home... Obviously she is !
28th Dec 2009, 10:31   comments (1)