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Holiday departure

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30th Jul 2011, 17:57   comments (5)

New Post calendar

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In France, every year, tradition calls for postmen to come to your place to sell calendars for the coming year.
You have several choices and you always have kittens in baskets or cats.

(-- sister's cut --)
24th Jul 2011, 21:16   comments (9)


Those guys were on my bedroom's wall when I was a kid !
Today I finaly get to see them with a VIP pass to shoot them ! :)
18th Jul 2011, 23:49   comments (1)

Following Eye for an I

(viewed 748 times)
more >> here <<
17th Jul 2011, 19:28   comments (1)

A cat, a ball, a rope and a flash

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17th Jul 2011, 13:41   comments (0)


(viewed 1080 times)
Back from the show, just one pic, quickly processed before sleeping.
15th Jul 2011, 00:47   comments (2)

Eye for an I

(viewed 670 times)
10th Jul 2011, 17:06   comments (4)

Kitty's flashin'

Some tests with my new flash and my favorite model. (actually the only one I've got around...)
7th Jul 2011, 21:49   comments (1)