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Sitting in the park, enjoying the trees.
8th Dec 2012, 16:17   | tags:,,,comments (3)

Life of Pi

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Book Forty Seven.

I started reading this years ago, but didn't get more than a quarter of the way in. Then a few weeks ago when we went to see Skyfall, the trailer for the Life of Pi film was shown. And before i see the film, i had to read the book.

I got all the way through it this time. It was okay. I laughed quite a few times, and found other parts laughably unbelievable, but come the end, and i guess that's the point...

Smelly Family

(viewed 1170 times)
Artwork on my sister's fridge. I laughed for a long time. I love my eldest niece.


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Almost a year since we moved in, and we finally put up the blind in the
bathroom. We're making progress... slowly.
25th Nov 2012, 20:59   comments (3)

Double Whammy

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Book Forty Six.

This one was better than Hiaasen's first book, and i enjoyed it lots more. However there were still some aspects of the book i hated and could not overlook. Namely, the 2D, stereotypical and ultimately pointless female characters. (Can Brookmyre write quicker, please? I need more awesome characters asap.)

Also, the cover quote puzzled and annoyed me throughout. "Better than literature." Erm, it is literature...?


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Book Forty Five.

Loved this. Not perfect in the slightest, but a perfect kind of imperfection. It was simply so nice to see alternative, logical, sensible and sane opinions and points of view on so many subjects. This should be compulsory reading for everyone.
16th Nov 2012, 14:19   | tags:,,,comments (1)

The Restraint of Beasts

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Book Forty Four.

I learnt a lot about fencing through the course of this book (that's building fences, not sword fighting). It was also funny and slightly surreal with great characters. The end left me confused, however.

Forget the Fireworks

(viewed 643 times)
Let's play.
5th Nov 2012, 19:39   comments (4)