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Sometimes I Bake

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A full chocolate chip cake, and chocolate orange muffins. All vegan, of course. Nom.

Tourist Season

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Book Thirty Seven.

I started buying Hiaasen books from charity shops because these are the books that inspired Brookmyre. And i can totally see it. It's funny and witty, and it has crime. I couldn't like this book as much as any Brookmyre, though. And that's because it's American. If the spellings hadn't've annoyed me, the references-i-don't-get would have. Also, Brookmyre's characters are ten times better. I cared for no one in the book. But still enjoyable overall nonetheless.

Newstead Abbey

Went for a walk around Newstead Abbey yesterday. Other than banging my head twice it was a pleasant day.

1. View of the abbey from the folly where we had our Picnic. BeardyMan informed me that 'one of the rich dudes' who used to own the abbey, would send his servants out on the lake in boats, then sit in the folly and try to shoot them. Charming fellow.

2. View from the abbey across the lake to the folly.

3. An extravagant-looking building, which i did not look into further.

4. There was a waterfall...

5. which you could not swim.

6. View from under the waterfall.

7. I waved.

8, 9 & 10. The long trail to the pub.

That's a lot of photos. Oops.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

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Book Thirty Six.

Big 'eh' for this book. I read the, ah, varying reviews on goodreads and had to read it for myself as soon as possible. I had already seen the film. Eh. While i like the idea and concept of the story, it so poorly executed it's a joke. A German child mishearing German words as English words? A concentration camp so poorly guarded two boys can sit either side of the fence and chat for ages, almost every day for year without being discovered? A fence so poorly made and maintained a boy can get through it? Not to mention the poor characters, character development and the inability to make me care about anyone. Nice idea, very poorly executed.

Pill-popping Spock

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Fun with vitamins!
3rd Sep 2012, 20:35   | tags:,,,comments (2)

I Love Lego

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While my nieces will dive in and use whatever random lego pieces come to hand to make large over the top creations, i spend hours looking carefully for the perfect pieces to make tiny little set ups with.
2nd Sep 2012, 16:12   | tags:comments (0)


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Book Thirty Five.

The easy to read horror of Stephen King make his books a guilty pleasure of mine. This one wasn't the best, though. King is known to waffle on a bit occasionally, but that meant this book took ages to get going. Also, as he originally wrote this under his Richard Bachman pseudonym it had a couple of (now) cringe-worthy references to King himself. Awkward. And although setting the book in Connecticut, he couldn't resist a trip to Maine. I'm actually surprised the main character didn't become a writer at the end...
30th Aug 2012, 18:57   | tags:,,,comments (3)

Cornwall: Miscellaneous

Last batch! Yay! These are photos from across the holiday, that i like, but don't really belong anywhere.

The last was solely for the cringe-worthy memory. We actually slept in those sheets.